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Latest Changes / Updates

Performance Improvements
Acrobat Reader 11 now supported
Windows 8 now Supported
Bug fixes
Flash 11 now supported
Acrobat Reader 10 now supported

Convert your project into an ISO image
Fixed 'Exit Menu and Eject CD' button Action on Vista

Compatible with Windows7
Works with 64-bit Operating Systems
Set custom colors for the ListBox object
Set custom colors for the DropDownBox object
Grid Settings (Show, Size, Color, Snap Objects to Grid) added when creating Menus

Change color of Vista style buttons (Button Settings)
Set transparency for Menu effects (Menu Settings tab)
Interface now faster and smoother

New Templates added for the Professional and Enterprise licenses
Project CD/DVD Burning updated
Vista Style Buttons added

Undo Added! Each Action has it's own undo buffer 20 items deep. Use CTRL+Z or the menubar under 'Project' to Undo
Flash 10 now supported
'Create New Project' window updated
Now remembers the last way you Finished your project (EXE or Burn to CD/DVD)
Right-clicking on Menu objects now opens the Settings window (as does double-clicking)

Fixed Issue - Option to lock Menu to foreground

Fixed Issue - Reseting Default menu object styles
Fixed Video Action issues

Backup your project files to a different location (under 'Project' in menubar)
Load version 3.x.x templates

Menus labels now anti-aliased
Move multiple Menu objects by holding down the CTRL key
You may now set the location of the project resource folder (where fonts are stored)
Various bugs fixed

Improved performance and stability
Updated Video Action to improve performance
Menu Background Transparency added for all background image layouts
Added option in 'Advanced Settings' tab to Fade In and Fade Out Action windows
Added option in 'Advanced Settings' tab to lock an Action's window to the foreground (in front of other windows)
Added Action to reset DropDown Box to first entry
Full Project path now listed in Recent Projects
Fixed Button Object Settings window display issues with 'Default' or 'Flat' style buttons

CD/DVD burning updated
Button Text and Tooltip are now saved when changing button styles
Added support for Adobe Reader 9
Updated help text and added Manual
Music Action - added option to begin playing on startup, enlarged buttons
Added option to lock objects (size and position) on Menus

Fixed Flash install problem, Flash now installs at the start of project and progress windows shown
Updated Menu help text

Updated how Actions are deleted, allow up to 10 Actions to be executed at once

Interface updated, automatic help windows added
Change the order of Actions in the Action Tree by clicking and dragging them with your mouse
Added coloring to Actions Area (Add, Delete, and Test Action buttons), Action Tree

AutoRun Typhoon will now Burn your projects to CD/DVD!
New user interface
Floating Help windows with adjustable font size
Load v3.x.x projects
Check for new updates option in Menubar
XP and Vista style windows and controls
Resize the program window

Music Player
    Control background image placement
    Place Music Player objects on Menus

Menu Changes
    Design WYSIWYG Menus
    New Menu Editor
    New Actions to alter menu objects (eg, change TextBox text when a Button is clicked)
    More Button Styles - now 180 styles to chose from
    More content - over 110 Backgrounds and Images included

Background Object
    Gradient backgrounds
    Create custom patterns for your menu background

Button Object
    New Gradient XP button style
    Button Text wraps to a new line
    Add up to 10 Actions to be performed when the button is clicked
    Creating new Buttons Styles easier than ever

Text Box Object
    Gradient background style
    Image background style
    Transparent background style
    Change default text font
    Change default text color
    Change text size
    Windows XP border style
    Center multiple lines of text

DropDown Box Object - New
    Add a dropdown box to your menu
    Each entry can perform up to 10 Actions when selected
    Change the font and text color
    Compact way to add many Actions to your project

List Box Object - New
    Add a list box to your menu
    Each entry can perform up to 10 Actions when selected
    Change the font and text color

New Menu Objects based on Actions
    New Menu Actions to control the following (such as Play, Stop, Next, etc):
    Flash Animations
    Internet Explorer web browser
    Play Music tracks
    Play SlideShows of images
    Play Videos

Volume Object - New
    Add a volume slider to your menu
    Control the master volume for your project
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