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Customer Testimonials

If you would like to express your thoughts on AutoRun Typhoon or Typhoon Software just drop us a line and we'll be happy to add your story to our growing list of Customer Testimonials.

"I bought autorun four years ago and have got the new version every year. It's one of those programs you just never want to be without. It's so cool to create your very own CD/DVD with the program. Easy to use and best of all is the support staff, always answers questions and has the right attitude; that is 'the customer is always right and when in doubt they always refer back to that rule'."
Tampa FL


"I have been using various versions of Typhoon's software AutoRun for the past few years and the current version with its many features is simply without equal. Additionally, the service provided by Typhoon's Support is second to none - a fantastic application program."
Eberhard Schulze
Bangkok, Thailand
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Customer Testimonials
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"Delighted with how easy it was to learn and use, its made my product far more polished and professional, worth every penny."
Jamie Sylvian


"I certainly have nothing but good things to say about this product and especially your tremendous support. I appreciate your quick follow-up, feature requests and bug-fix deliveries. I realise that relatively, this is a product still in its infancy and can't wait to see what the future holds!"
Menu created with AutoRun

Troy Clark


"I just wanted to express how thankful I am to have Autorun III, it makes my Multimedia CD development much easier. I purchase the previous version and somewhat happy with it. But with AutoRun III you have given me a flexibility to create my own menu design, buttons, and overall a very professional looking menu and autorun feature. Also I did not have chance to thank you for your great support from the previous version of AutoRun. The bottom line is, AutoRun III is one of best Auto run software around and I am looking forward to see AutoRun expand it features and capabilities and possibly crossplatform compatibility.

Good luck and thank you for your great support."

Menu created with AutoRun

Clint Applegate - Principals
CA Visual Design


"Hi! My name is John Christopher. I just recently purchased your software (professional version) and it really helped me out of a jam. I was able to deliver a fully functional company video in under the deadline set by my boss. I had been using another freeware software package that just wasn't doing it. Your software got it right from the get-go.
Thank you for writing such great software and a very reasonable price. I will happily recommend your software to anyone looking for autorun creation software.
Sincerely, a very happy user..."
John Christopher


"Today words like 'customer service' and 'excellence' have lost their meaning-we've all been disappointed too many times. Phil, at Typhoon Support is one of those rare individuals who actually not only follows up, but continues to follow-up in relentless pursuit of 'the answer' to your issue. It's obvious that he actually 'cares'. Responsive and creative. The man should be cloned."
Mike Balzotti
Scottsdale, AZ


"Hi - just a quick thank you for the new Autorun features. Some time back I wrote asking if you might consider user created menu buttons in addition to the presets. So you can imagine how really pleased I was to see this option is now included in your most recent update. Thanks.
Smashing application and getting better with each upgrade. Many thanks."
Tony Cook


"Just downloaded your update and wanted to say great work! This software has allowed a hack like me to look like a pro for years now. The new features look great, though I'll have to spend some time getting the hang of the new interface. I look forward to new kinds of projects with this version.
William Murray


"From an end-user standpoint, it's seems more and more rare to get anything other than an automated reply from most companies, much less a company that actually listens, responds, and incorporates customer's suggestions into the product. My compliments.
Hey Phil, you take care out there and thanks again for the great work. I think AutoRun now does pretty much everything most competitors very expensive versions do, for a fraction of the price. I hope you have a lot of success."
JD Carpenter


"In the past several weeks I have had problems with the new version of Auto Run 3.01. Thanks to Phil, those problems are not as major as I thought. With his professional attitude, and his tremendous follow up he resolved any and all problems. A big thank you to him and Typhoon Software. I am waiting for more updates. Keep up the great support work and products that are great to use.
Clarence Samelko
North Carolina


"I have been using this program for the past 2 years and am very, very happy with the most recent upgrades. As a multimedia designer this adds one more important tool to my design box. We use these CD/DVDís for trade show giveaways and for our customers to use as an information/pricing guide to all our products.

Customers love it and so does our staff.

This software program has become very polished in its interface capabilities. We need to use quite a few menus and the menu design functions are so easy to use. I love it. (Canít do without the Control Z and Control C/V functions. Thanks for adding them!)"
Gale P.
Central NJ


If you would like to express your thoughts on AutoRun Typhoon or Typhoon Software just drop us a line and we'll be happy to add your story to our growing list of Customer Testimonials.

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