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Typhoon Software has been providing the leading edge in CD/DVD presentation technology for the past 8 years. With thousands of products sold in over 90 countries worldwide, AutoRun Typhoon is the standard tool used by professionals for creating their CD/DVD projects.

From a quick tip to creating a free custom build of AutoRun Typhoon (over 400 and counting!) our responsive and knowledgeable product support will help guide you through your projects.

Use the Forums
Check out the Forums, your question may already be answered, or post your question. We check the forums daily and try to answer every post we get. Registration on the forums is easy and free!
Email Us
At Typhoon Software we love to hear from our customers. Email us if you have any questions about AutoRun Typhoon, ordering, autoplay or anything else. At Typhoon Software you get to talk to the actual author of the software so you know your questions will be answered by the person who knows AutoRun Typhoon better than anyone in the world.

If you need a feature not present, or help figuring something out we'll be happy to give you step-by-step instructions on solving your problem. At Typhoon Software our job isn't done when the sale is made, our job is done when your project is finished and out the door.

Lost your Serial Number? Need an Invoice?
You can get both by clicking here. If that link doesn't help, you can email us. Include as much information about your order as you can (email address, name it was purchased under, Order ID, etc) so we can locate your record from our database.
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