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Enable/Disable Autoplay in Windows XP

In Windows XP you can control how each type of CD/DVD is handled. If you are having trouble with CDs autoplaying then you might have one of the media types set to 'Take no Action'. You can restore the default settings by doing the following:
1) Double-click on the My Computer icon on your Desktop.
2) The following window will open up. Right click on the drive that you want to configure and select Properties.
My Computer, through windows explorer. Find the device you want to alter, right-click and select properties
3) The following window will open up, click on the AutoPlay tab and you will notice a drop-down box listing the different types of media you can alter the autoplay settings for. Just click on the Restore Defaults button to place the settings for each media type back to the default behavior. If the button is greyed out, it means the default behavior is already set.
Autoplay settings for each type of media are shown, you can disable certain ones, or reset to the default settings
4) If you find this still doesn't help you can download the AutoPlayConfig program to enable/disable autoplay on your system.
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